Things to see and do in Montreal this autumn

Plan on heading to Montreal this September? With the heat of the summer season gone, this is easily the best time of year to experience one of Canada’s most interesting cities. Below, we’ll suggest a few activities best done during this blessed season.

 1) Go for a long hike on Mont Royal

 As you no doubt are aware, the change in the colours of the leaves is the biggest sign of fall by far. There is no better place in the city of Montreal to bathe in these trees than on the slopes of Mont Royal.

 A park protecting the eroded remains of an ancient extinct volcano, it was this hill that gave this city (Montreal) its name. With paths crisscrossing its footprint, there are numerous places you can go to take in the beauty of the season, but all of them lead to the top.

 Here, you’ll be privy to a panoramic view of the downtown core, made all the better by the spectacular colours of the trees around you.

 After getting back from Mont Royal, you might be more tired than you anticipated – after all, climbing the sides of a sizable hill can be a physically strenuous task for many folks. If you have to put off your plans to hit the town, it’s not a problem, though, as the internet supplies plenty of entertainment these days.

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 2) Experience Montreal’s Old Town

 With the crowds of summer long gone, the time is right to experience one of Montreal’s top tourist attractions. We are talking about its Old Town, one of the few that can be found in North American cities.

 Filled with streets made of cobblestone and lined by buildings that date back close to the founding of the city (way back in the 15th century), you’ll be checking Google Maps to make sure you are in Canada, and not Europe.

Montreal’s Old Town

 3) Pick up seasonal favourites at Jean Talon Market

 Fall time is harvest time. As such, farmer’s markets are the place to be, and there are few spots in Montreal better than the Jean Talon Market to pick up local goodies. Called Marche Jean Talon by locals, the stalls here will be lined with fall fruit like apples, pears, and grapes, and baked goods like pumpkin pies. Loosen your belt for the latter – the pounds you’ll gain will be worth it.